After 10 incredible years of delivering audio and video recordings that best reflect the quality and character of the performers, Clubhouse Studios will conclude its journey on a high note and end operations. While we are not accepting any new bookings, we are hard at work on post-production for current projects and promise the same level of execution, attention, and delivery that one would expect of our brand.

Steven started Clubhouse Studios (CHS) with the ambition to deliver recordings that would exceed his own expectations. Eric joined in partnership as co-owner shortly thereafter and together they dispelled the myth that friends should not go into business together. Founded on the principle of “performances recorded by performers,” CHS took ownership of the opportunity to treat each event as their own with the added appreciation that live performances don’t have second takes.

The company’s journey has been enriched through the passion of its people who worked for CHS over these years. We want to thank our team: Peter Gothold, Jonathan Pedroni, Jared Randolph, Mica Dugan, Michael Payne, Chris Lilla, James Gonzales, Jay Maddox, Mark Punzal, John Johnson, Connor Moen, and Nick Tabari.

Since our beginning, CHS has delivered well over 1,000 recordings to more than 150 clients in areas such as music, theatre, and dance. We are thankful for our clients, who trusted us with their art and allowed us onto their stages. We never took this responsibility for granted and every performance gave us the opportunity to do what we love, with people that we love, for something that we love.

We are grateful to our families for supporting us and this labor of love through the late nights, long days, meetings, and Slack notifications at all hours. Without those closest to us, this dream would not have been possible.

While it’s bittersweet to move on, we’re proud of what Clubhouse Studios accomplished through these years and are happy to be ending while our business is at its best. We are also excited for the new challenges that each of us will take in the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for everything, and we hope that it won’t be long until our paths cross again.

Steven, Eric, and The Clubhouse Studios Team

Your CHS account manager will be reachable at their @clubhouse-studios email address until September 30, 2019. After that time, if you need to reach us, we will be reachable at until December 31, 2019.

The Clubhouse Studios Team.

The Clubhouse Studios Team.